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chinesewordsCome March, the Ministry of Education will be announcing changes to the way Chinese language is being tested and taught in schools. These announcements will be made during the Committee of Supply debate in Parliament.

The ministry has been studying teaching models from China, the United States and Switzerland – which are more focused on helping student to be comfortable in speaking and using the language rather than on writing. We can expect to see changes in approach that will take into account students' differing grasps of the language at the point of starting primary school (rather than a one-size-fits-all), and variable teaching modes in both primary and secondary school.

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changesineducationHere’s a quick round-up of the changes to expect in Singapore’s education landscape, and what they mean for YOU.
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2 slips for Singaporeans during Primary 1 registration

The Primary 1 balloting exercise is set to generate greater interest this July when a new policy is put in place – an additional ballot slip for all Singaporeans. Permanent residents and other applicants will continue to get one slip. The government’s rationale for this change is to acknowledge the value of citizenship and a way of ‘helping’ parents get their children into schools where balloting needs to be conducted in situations where there are more applicants that Pri 1 places.

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