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TeachingBot, is  the world’s first AI-based maths tutor, that tutors like a human tutor. It was developed in Dallas, USA, by AI experts over more than a decade using data analytics, NLP( contextual AI) and complex modelling. A unique combination of focused methodologies, differentiated and personalised  instruction for each child, and motivational techniques are incorporated into this program. In today’s AI age, Teaching Bot remains a beacon and a teacher assist

Since 2010,more than 600 thousand students, aged 6 to 18, have used TeachingBot over a period of 5 years, and students’ results have improved significantly. It has proven to be robust and versatile for its end users. Even a student very weak in any or all aspects of maths will not have to despair. TeachingBot caters to all levels of ability and motivation. A new version TeachingBot 2.0 with more intelligent layers  with curriculum such as  Singapore Math ,USA, IGCSE  is now available

TeachingBot 2,0 is an excellent learning assistant for  maths teachers in schools and after-school tutors to engage their students. The program works best in a blended learning environment and can even be used and interfaced seamlessly with any Learning Management System (LMS) that a school or tuition centre uses. 

TeachingBot 2.0 is currently the most interactive maths program you can find globally. Like a good human maths teacher, it never gives the student the answer to any maths question outright and works with the student systematically to find the solution himself. 

From a technology perspective, TeachingBot 2.0 is a disruptive yet much needed innovation for the online maths tuition industry. TeachingBot has won several awards and is customizable for  country’s/state’s maths curriculum.

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Achieve 3000

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Achieve3000 is a leader in differenciated learning program like no other for improving reading and comprehension of anyone, any age from mainstream English language learners, special needs to gifted alike — all can reach higher. That all students have the ability to improve their reading and writing. And that with this ability, they have the means to master the curriculum to meet the standards set by schools across different countries to be prepared for University and career.

Achieve3000 believes that the key to unlocking the potential of all learners is literacy. By reaching and teaching all kids at their individual reading levels, and constantly challenging them to achieve the next level of success, teachers are making literacy breakthroughs every day. With Achieve's differentiated online instruction, students are doubling to tripling expected Lexile/ reading gains in a single year.


IT Literacy Courses

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We provide a very interactive, effective and affordable range of IT literacy programs which had been developed and enhanced for the past 15 years. More than 10 million students have used these programs.

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Tutoring for Non Tutors

classroom tutoring

This is an accredited Diploma / Certificate Course (90 to 120 hours) to prepare non-teachers with the knowledge and practical experience to tutor school children in core subjects. 

The course, developed by several professors from National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore, is a comprehensive course that will help level up the skills and productivity amongst the tutors in Singapore. Wherever possible, we may also offer employment to those who excel in the course.

This course will be delivered  both as an online course or as a face-to-face discussion groups and flipped classroom by experienced top notch educators. The course will also be supplemented with hands-on experience. This multi-modal approach to course delivery will facilitate learning for those too busy to be full-time students.


Educational Consultancy


The SEA Group is engaged in educational consultancy projects locally and abroad for organisations in the areas of International School development, curriculum development, education technology, teacher training/mentoring, evaluation/adaptation, eAssessment, conferences, tutoring etc.

Our projects range from turnkey solutions to assignments across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Using in-house and external experts with 10 to 40 years of experience each in various areas including school leadership, educational technology, curriculum, online marketing, tutoring, parent advisory etc.

We focus on downright practical implementation for schools such as skills, vocational, technical and other tertiary institution setup and upgrading. Our solutions apply in all contexts – be it for First, Emerging or Third World countries. Nevertheless, we do not do research or macro studies or consultancy, and work with partners like EY- ParthenonGroup, when needed on these areas.


Private Equity Investment


This a new area of growth for the Group. We identify or look into leads from education-focused companies in appropriate sectors globally with a large potential growth metrics and invest in them. These include but are not limited to international / private schools, vocational/technical institutions etc. We do not invest in physical infrastructure but rather in human and virtual resources such as unique curriculum and technology. We work with relevant partners in areas that we do not invest in directly. 

We specifically like to evaluate organisations in unique education/ skills app development and technology-based curriculum, eAssessment technologies and platforms. 

We do not operate a fund per se but we utilise shareholders’ and companies’ funds, with likeminded private equity funds and High Net Worth Individuals to invest jointly in stimulating ventures.